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Niantic, CT | Natural Stone Walls | Best Retaining Wall Contractor

Brick Water & Stone Masonry Contractors designs and installs natural stone walls and retaining walls for residential and commercial properties in Niantic, CT and surrounding areas. We have earned a reputation for being the best stone wall masonry builder in Niantic, CT by providing high quality workmanship, completed in a timely manner. If you are searching for the best retaining wall contractor near me, then you have come to the right place! Contact us today at (860) 510-6571 to schedule a quick no-cost quote!

Natural Stone Wall Builder & Retaining Wall Contractor in Niantic, CT

Few retaining wall options are as visually appealing and as durable as natural stone walls. The natural durability of stone make it perfect for preventing erosion on downhill slopes. If you are seeking a stone retaining wall contractor in Niantic, CT contact Brick Water & Stone Masonry Contractors today for a no-cost estimate. We have over 20 years of experienced designing and constructing stone walls of all sizes and scope, that will not only enhance the curb appeal of your property, but also offer essential protection against water run-off and soil erosion.

We understand that each landscape property is unique and we can ensure that the stone walls we design and build are always in accord with the architectural style and landscaping elements that reside on your property. Each retaining wall construction project that we take on is built to the greatest standards and the project is completed in an efficient and cost effective manner. Structural retaining walls and retaining wall systems are effective solutions to water or drainage issues, to soil erosion, to level off a sloped yard, to add outdoor living space, to enhance the overall appearance of outdoor spaces, and curb appeal.

Brick Water & Stone Masonry Contractors designs and builds stone or concrete retaining walls for both residential and commercial properties. Landscape retaining walls can be designed utilizing a plethora of materials, establishing visually appealing and durable retaining walls that add dimension, depth and appeal to your landscape. Contact us today at (860) 510-6571 to schedule a quick no-cost quote!

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