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Old Lyme, CT | Best Stone Veneer Siding Installation Contractors Near Me

At Brick Water & Stone Masonry Contractors, our masonry services include Stone and Brick veneer installation or restoration in Old Lyme, CT. We can install veneers on the exterior of your property in an assortment of materials includes brick, natural stone, and cultured stone. A textured stone pattern is one of our more popular selections, because of its visual appeal and comforting appearance that leaves an enduring impression on your home. We provide high quality craftsmanship, which offers lasting beauty and durability to the exterior of your home or commercial facility. Not only will our stone or brick veneer services beautify the appearance of your property, it will also offer an extra layer of protection to your structure.

A stucco or stone exterior is one of the greatest enhancements you can make for your home. Either material creates a fire and weather resistant layer that will offer increased protection to the structure of your residence or commercial facility. Studies have indicated that veneers will increase energy efficiency and lower the yearly costs associated with heating and cooling utilities by as much as ten percent. We can install stones and brick veneers that are available in a wide array of patterns, colors and styles. We offer the following veneer installation applications:

  • Stone Installation

  • Stone Veneer Steps

  • Stone Veneer Foundation

  • Stone Veneer Chimney

  • Stone Veneer Front of House

  • Residential Stone Veneer Installers

Our stone or brick veneers are typically used for home renovation, landscaping, new building construction, and other types of property improvement projects. If you are searching for the best veneer siding installation contractor in Old Lyme and surrounding areas, please contact us today at (860) 510-6571 to schedule a quick no-cost quote!

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