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Retaining Wall Design & Build Contractor Near Me | Stonington, CT

Retaining Wall Design & Build Contractor Stonington, CT

Retaining wall design and build services in Stonington, CT by Brick Water & Stone are professional services offered to plan, construct, and install retaining walls. Retaining walls are structures built to hold back soil or other materials and prevent erosion, especially on sloped or uneven terrain. These walls serve both functional and aesthetic purposes, helping to create level surfaces, prevent soil erosion, and enhance the landscaping of a property.

Key Components Of Retaining Wall Design And Build Services in Stonington, CT

Retaining Wall Design:

  • Site Assessment: We assess the site conditions, including soil type, slope angle, drainage, and the purpose of the retaining wall (e.g., landscaping, structural support, erosion control).

  • Engineering: We design the retaining wall structure, considering factors like wall height, material selection, drainage solutions, and any required reinforcements (such as geogrids).

  • Permitting: We assist with obtaining necessary permits and approvals from local authorities.

Retaining Wall Material Selection:

  • Retaining walls can be constructed using various materials, including timber, concrete blocks, natural stone, brick, or poured concrete. The choice of material depends on factors like aesthetics, budget, and the wall's purpose.

Retaining Wall Construction:

  • Excavation: The site is prepared by digging a trench for the wall's foundation.

  • Foundation: A stable foundation is laid, typically made of concrete, to support the retaining wall.

  • Wall Construction: The chosen materials are assembled to build the retaining wall, following the design specifications.

  • Drainage: Proper drainage systems are installed to prevent water buildup behind the wall, which can lead to erosion and wall failure.

  • Backfill: The space behind the wall is filled with soil or other materials, compacted to minimize pressure on the wall.

Retaining Wall Finishing and Aesthetics:

  • Depending on the client's preferences, retaining walls can be finished with various textures, colors, and designs to complement the overall landscaping.

Retaining Wall Maintenance and Repairs:

  • Retaining wall builders may offer maintenance and repair services to ensure the wall remains structurally sound and visually appealing over time.


  • We work closely with clients to understand their needs, provide design options, and offer guidance on selecting the most suitable materials and construction methods.

Retaining walls can vary greatly in size and complexity, from small garden walls to large, engineered structures for commercial or infrastructure projects. Hiring the reputable retaining wall design and build contractors at Brick Water & Stone ensures that the wall is constructed properly, meeting safety standards and aesthetic preferences while addressing specific site challenges like erosion and drainage.

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